What are some of the different types of skylights?

Structural Skylights

  • Single Slope Skylights – also referred to as “Curb Mounted Skylights,” are a single plane skylight, commonly found built into a roof. Single Slope Skylights are the simplest of all skylight designs. They provide a refreshing environment without adding much stress to a building’s structure.
  • Ridge Skylights – is an excellent way to allow a significant amount of light into the structure, much more so than a comparably sized window. Ridge skylights can be glazed to help shield against UV radiation and increase the heat retention.
  • Pyramid Skylights – are typically mounted on curbs on flat roofs and generally have 4 sides with one or more pieces of glass or polycarbonate glazing per side joined by hips to form a peaked skylight. Standard pitch is 6:12 with many custom options available.
  • Vault Skylights – provide an economical and efficient way of introducing daylight and spaciousness to a lobby, atrium or the interior of a building. They can also be used for a wide variety structures including: entrance and walkway canopies, cover between buildings, hallways and corridors.
  • Octagon Skylights – function almost like a sundial throughout the day, permitting lights from a variety of angles.

Standard Skylights

Curb Mount Skylights

  • Curb Mount Skylight is designed to mount on top of an existing flashed roof curb.  The key to proper sizing is taking the correct outside curb dimension (OCD).

Self-Flashing Skylights

  • Self-flashing skylight is a skylight that comes with a built-in roof curb. The curb is a 4″ tall aluminum extrusion that is integrated with the skylight frame. The key to proper fit is to measure the Rough Opening (RO) in the roof.

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