McLaughlin Erectors Inc. (MEI) has developed an affordable and detailed skylight survey. This unique survey, maps the entire skylight system, assesses each skylight and provides recommendations to correct any inefficiences. Based upon our findings, MEI can provide a projected budget by year up to a period of five years, for all repairs and/or replacements.  In support of the survey, MEI has developed a Skylight Condition Index (SCI) which applies a numerical value to each skylight, ranking each skylight’s condition on a scale from “Critical to Very Good”.

We have hands-on practical experience working with the products of nearly every major skylight manufacturer in the country.  We are not agents or representatives of any skylight manufacturer; thus, we are not committed to using just one source and can select the best product for your specified application.  In addition, we have a LEED Accredited Professional to answer all of your Green building and energy cost saving questions specific to your needs.

  • Consultants on Skylight Repair and Solar Heat Reduction.
  • Provide skylight surveys to define their current state.
  • Identify strategies and make recommendations to restore the skylights to original installation.
  • Outline approaches needed to repair, replace or retrofit.
  • Develop budget cost for repairs.
  • Skylight repair cost can be phased by year up to a period of five years.
  • Develop a system to evaluate the maintenance of the skylights.
  • Create short and long term budgeting plans to properly maintain the skylight system.
  • LEED Accredited Professional on staff.
  • All products and services have predetermined fees.
  • Provide transparent documentation to verify MEI’s pricing is parallel with the national pricing.
  • Assess the mall for excessive heat gain and provide solutions.