We repair skylights which are damaged as a result of storms, vandalism, environmental decay, natural deterioration, neglect, or manufacturing defects. We have the ability to disassemble and rebuild your skylights to like new condition. This includes clearing gutters and weep systems, installing new gaskets and hardware, cleaning various skylights, replacing damaged glazing and/or any other skylight related issues. In order to maintain an efficient and leak free center, all your issues and concerns are addressed. We take every step to restore your skylight system to its original design or as close to the original installation as possible.

Common Skylight problems which may lead to repairs or replacement:

  • We have found that 90% – 95% of the failed skylight systems which we have inspected are related to original installation and are a direct result of improper installation and/or design flaws.
  • Skylights often have a simple drainage system or weep system designed into the frame and/or weather –seal system to allow for accumulated water to drain to the exterior of the building. These water drainage pathways must be kept clear and clean for the skylight to operate correctly.
  •  Many factors can affect the color and finish of skylights and hardware. Natural aging due to sunlight, weathering and other factors will cause the skylight to change in color.
  • Plastic glazing is susceptible to scratching, abrasion and other damage when unacceptable solvents and/or cleaning chemicals are utilized.
  • Acrylics are produced using petroleum distillate which causes the material to eventually dry out The resulting crazing (small cracks which develop in the surface of the acrylic) weakens the material and will eventually develop into full-fledged cracks due to stresses caused by the expansion and contraction of the acrylic. Associated with age or extreme climates.
  • Excessive caulking applied on top of the original caulking and/or caulk that has been applied in between the pressure caps does not allow any room for the expansion or contraction of the acrylic glazing.
  • Skylights are designed to withstand typical environmental conditions. Skylights are not intended to withstand human impact, falling objects or extreme acts of nature.
  • Poor or absent preventive maintenance programs can increase chances of needing skylight repair and/or replacement.